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    Designated areas or facilities within a property or development for parking vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or bicycles. Parking facilities may include surface parking lots, parking garages, or structured parking decks, and are essential amenities for tenants, customers, employees, and visitors.


    P-Line (Property Line)

    P-Line (Property Line) refers to the boundary or demarcation line that separates one property or parcel of land from another.


    Vertical structural supports or columns within a building that provide stability and bear the weight of the structure.


    Plinth Area

    It refers to the built-up area of a building at the ground level, excluding areas such as balconies, terraces, or open spaces. The plinth area is used to measure the total floor area of a building and is often used for calculating construction costs, rental rates, and property valuation.

    Plot Area

    It refers to the total land area of a parcel or plot of land, measured in square feet or square meters. The plot area represents the total area available for development or use and is typically used to calculate density, setbacks, and other zoning regulations.



    The process of dividing a piece of land into individual parcels or plots for development or sale. Plotting involves surveying, subdividing, and delineating boundaries to create separate lots that can be developed for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, or industrial use.


    Plug-n-Play means fully furnished and equipped office spaces that are ready for immediate occupancy by tenants without the need for additional setup or installation of furniture, fixtures, or equipment. Plug n Play offices offer convenience and flexibility for tenants seeking turnkey solutions for their workspace needs.



    Small, self-contained units or modules within a larger space that can be used for various purposes such as office workstations, meeting rooms, collaboration areas, or lounge spaces.


    Refers to a collection or group of properties owned, managed, or held by an individual, company, or investment firm.



    It refers to construction components or building elements that are manufactured offsite in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the construction site for assembly and installation.


    It refers to the phase or stage of a real estate project before its official launch or public announcement. During the prelaunch phase, developers may offer early access or exclusive incentives to prospective buyers or investors, such as discounted prices, priority booking, or special payment plans.



    A property or space that has been leased or rented out to a tenant before its completion or occupancy. It may attract tenants during the construction phase through preleasing agreements, allowing developers to secure rental income and mitigate leasing risks.

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