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    A cafeteria is a self-service dining establishment where customers choose from a variety of ready-to-eat food items displayed in an open area.



    CAM stands for ‘Common Area Maintenance’. It refers to the expenses incurred to maintain and operate common areas in a commercial property, such as lobbies, hallways, parking lots, and landscaping.


    Capital represents the initial financial investment in a property, covering the purchase price, improvement costs, and ongoing operational expenses.


    Captive campuses

    Captive campuses are self-contained developments with offices, residences, and amenities, forming a self-sufficient ecosystem.

    Carpet area

    Carpet area in real estate is the usable floor space within a property, excluding walls. It represents the actual living area, excluding non-usable spaces like walls, balconies, and common areas.


    Circulation plan

    A circulation plan in real estate refers to the layout and design of vehicular and pedestrian movement within a property or development.


    Closing in real estate refers to the final step in a property transaction where the buyer completes the purchase by settling the financial aspects, signing legal documents, and officially taking ownership of the property.



    Co-living refers to a housing arrangement where individuals or small groups live together in a shared space, typically with private bedrooms but shared common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.


    Collaborative denotes a cooperative approach where various stakeholders work together—buyers, sellers, agents, and professionals—aiming for shared success in property transactions.



    Commercial refers to properties used for business or investment, like offices, retail spaces, and industrial buildings. It involves transactions for income generation, business operations, or capital appreciation, distinct from residential real estate.

    Common areas

    Common areas refer to shared spaces and facilities within a property or development that are collectively used by all residents or tenants. These spaces include areas like lobbies, hallways, elevators, parking lots, and recreational areas.



    Connectivity is about easy access and transportation to and from a property. It includes factors like proximity to roads, public transport, and amenities, influencing the property’s desirability and value.


    Conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one party to another. It involves various steps such as preparing, reviewing, and exchanging contracts, conducting property searches, and ultimately ensuring that the transfer of ownership is legally valid.



    A contract is a legally binding agreement between parties involved in a property transaction. It outlines terms, conditions, and responsibilities, ensuring a transparent and legally protected process.


    Core refers to essential elements like location, building structure, and key amenities that determine a property’s fundamental value and investment potential.


    Corporate campuses

    Corporate campuses are large, integrated facilities owned or leased by a single corporation, housing offices, research centers, and amenities in a centralized location for streamlined business operations.


    Cost refers to the total expenses associated with acquiring, owning, and maintaining a property. This includes purchase price, transaction costs, financing expenses, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.



    Cost-effective refers to a property or investment that offers a favorable balance between cost and benefits. It means obtaining the best possible value or return on investment while minimizing expenses and resources.


    Co-working is a shared workspace arrangement where individuals or businesses rent flexible desk space or private offices, fostering collaboration and cost-effectiveness.



    CREDAI stands for Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India. It is a prominent association in the Indian real estate sector, representing developers and builders.

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