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    Facility Management

    It refers to the comprehensive management and maintenance of a commercial property or facility to ensure its efficient operation and functionality.



    This refers to the financial aspects of a property or investment, including revenue, expenses, profitability, and cash flow. This encompasses various financial documents and metrics such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, occupancy rates, lease agreements, operating expenses, capitalization rates, and return on investment (ROI).

    Fire Rated

    Refers to materials, structures, or components that have been specifically designed and tested to resist the spread of fire or to maintain structural integrity during a fire for a specified period.



    Fitouts mean the interior design, construction, and customization of commercial spaces to meet the specific needs and preferences of tenants or occupants.

    Flex Space

    A type of commercial property that offers flexibility in its use and layout. Flex space combines elements of both office and industrial spaces, allowing businesses to adapt the space to their specific needs.


    Floor Plan

    It refers to a spatial layout of a structure depicting the arrangement of living spaces within it such as the distribution of different rooms, utility areas, kitchens and balconies.

    Floor to Ceiling

    This refers to a designation or specification indicating that a particular feature or material extends from the first floor of a building all the way to the ceiling.


    Food Court

    A designated area within a shopping mall, airport, or other large commercial complex where multiple food vendors and eateries are clustered together in a shared dining space.


    Refers to the number of people entering and moving through a particular area, such as a shopping mall, retail store, or public space, within a specific period. It’s a crucial metric for assessing the level of pedestrian traffic and overall activity within a commercial property.


    Forward Sale

    A binding contract between two parties to enter into a purchase and sale agreement at a fixed future date, the terms and conditions of which are agreed upon today.


    A type of property ownership where the owner has full and unrestricted ownership of both the land and any buildings or structures on it, allowing them to use, modify, sell, or transfer it as they see fit, subject only to local zoning regulations and legal restrictions.



    FRR Stands for ‘First Right of Refusal’. It is a contractual provision that allows a party to purchase a property or lease space before it is offered to others. Essentially, if the owner decides to sell or lease the property, they must first give the holder of the right of first refusal the option to match the terms of any third-party offer.


    FSI stands for “Floor Space Index” or “Floor Area Ratio” (FAR). FSI/FAR is a zoning regulation or planning tool used by local authorities to control the density and intensity of development in a specific area. It represents the ratio of the total floor area of a building to the total area of the plot of land on which it is built.

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