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    Supply, Demand and Distribution with GMR AeroCity Hyderabad

    Jun 07, 2023
    Supply Chain Management at GMR AeroCity Hyderabad

    Globalisation and Expanding Markets

    Today, a shelf made in India can hold tea from Assam, matcha from Japan and coffee from Africa. The modern consumer can just walk into a store and purchase something that originated from across the world. It is owing to evolving connectivity worldwide that markets are expanding across country borders and changing the face of supply, demand and distribution.

    The Importance of Supply Chain Management

    Expanding markets have lit the fuse of a global trade boom. But procuring materials, creating a product and distributing it requires the synchronisation of multiple, independent procedural elements to streamline operations. This is where supply chain management comes in.

    Supply chain management is the end-to-end management of a network of business processes and activities. The art of such management requires planning, design, control and implementation of all business operations relating to the production cycle. This encompasses everything from procurement, manufacturing and distribution to sales order fulfilment functions.

    Profitability is key to the success of a business. To ensure product availability while keeping the cost of manufacturing down, the sourcing, set-up and shifting of products, materials and manpower require a strategic approach.

    Strategy in Supply Chain Management

    Whether a business operates on a global or a local scale, keeping the cost of operations within the financial estimate requires a dynamic strategy. During the procurement stage, the strategy guides the localised or economic sourcing of raw materials through vendors and suppliers. And for the production stage, this strategy could involve a set-up where the cost of infrastructure and manpower is low.

    The availability of a product is another aspect that is ensured through a supply chain strategy. The distribution stage involves an efficient network that spans warehouses that can store inventory and transportation systems to move the product to different local or global markets.

    It is paramount for a product to be available to the end consumer at the right time, place and price. And for a business to ensure all requirements are met, positioning its operations is a priority.

    Operations at GMR AeroCity Hyderabad

    India’s largest greenfield airport city, GMR AeroCity Hyderabad is located next to an international airport and boasts extensive connectivity via road, rail and air. With a single window clearance, end-to-end project handling and flexible partnership models (such as land lease, build-to-suit and joint development), setting up shop at AeroCity Hyderabad is a seamless experience.

    The airport city offers a holistic ecosystem along with a specialised port for end-to-end supply chain management, GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park. A well-developed industrial cluster with established companies, the Park extends an array of services, utilities and infrastructure to support its stakeholders.

    Supply Chain Management at GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park

    The logistics and supply chain management vertical at GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park supports and accelerates business growth by increasing, forwarding and reversing supply chain efficiencies.

    The Park envisages creating world-class infrastructure for the warehousing of various products along with state-of-the-art equipment, transportation and handling facilities. All this comes with a one-stop clearance of import and export formalities, to support the businesses within the park and in the region.

    With 208 acres of land as a multi-product Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and approximately 20 acres as Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ), stakeholders can ease the supply chain management process, reap fiscal benefits to maximise the economic value of their business and much more.

    Supply Chain Services Offered at GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park

    The reliable supply chain facility at GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park provides integrated solutions that cater to a plethora of supply chain services. These services include manufacturing, assembling, trading, warehousing, testing, design engineering, supply chain and logistics, MRO, commercial spaces and more. The FTWZ can especially be leveraged for enhanced operational efficiency.

    – Warehousing: The FTWZ facilitates logistics companies to build warehouses for storing commodities without the impact of import duty, on a short and long-term basis.

    – Distribution: Companies can leverage the FTWZ warehouses for domestic and international distribution and avail the opportunity for effective re-export of commodities with sorting, grading, kitting and repackaging facilities among others.

    – Trading: Companies can re-export, re-sale and re-invoice goods without any restriction. The goods can also be traded in DTA by payment of customs duties as applicable at the time of sale.

    – Value Addition: General cargo handling, reverse logistics, packing and re-packing without processing and labelling as per customer or marketing requirements can be undertaken at the FTWZ.

    – Assembling: The assembly of completely-knocked-down and semi-knocked-down kits is also permitted at the FTWZ.

    Benefits of a Set-up at GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park

    Bring your business to GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park and benefit from a line-up of world-class infrastructure, facilities and services.

    -Ready-to-use or customised infrastructure developed by GMR Group to meet specialised standards and requirements along with areas having runway access.

    -Robust talent pipeline with specialised workforce and local labour catchment to fulfil requirements across supply chain stages.

    -Close proximity to world-class cargo terminal infrastructure and services for logistics facilitation and a freighter airlines network connecting to all parts of the world.

    – 24/7 customs operations for seamless clearances and a dedicated municipal body, Notified Area Council, at the airport for faster building plan approvals.

    -Industrial cluster with high security standards, uninterrupted utilities and a well-developed ecosystem furnished with residential and social amenities.

    An Effortless Supply Chain Experience

    GMR AeroCity Hyderabad is a synergistic ecosystem with specialised districts for offices, education, health, hospitality, retail, logistics and industries. The airport city promotes both, the growth of a business and the well-being of its employees with its holistic offerings.

    From creating a framework to supporting seamless business operations, every aspect of a supply chain can thrive with the resources and end-to-end capabilities of GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park.

    Through an effortless supply chain experience, change the way you approach supply, demand and distribution with GMR AeroCity Hyderabad!

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