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    Redefining Customer Experience with Retailtainment

    May 05, 2023
    Retail and Entertainment

    The pandemic has transformed industries, especially the retail sector. The restrictions set by it saw an exponential increase in e-commerce-led retail trends. However, post-pandemic India’s increased footfall and consumption have resulted in an influx of new retail outlets by both young and established brands. And while online is here to stay, brick-and-mortar stores are also making a comeback.

    But as the world heals, it is also defining a new normal. Stores with lines of simple product displays don’t cut it anymore. Consumers want a captivating, holistic retail experience. They want retailtainment.

    So, What is Retailtainment?

    A fusion of ‘retail’ and ‘entertainment’, retailtainment offers shoppers an enhanced offline shopping experience. In-store activations and special events make for a unique experience that online platforms simply cannot replicate. By engaging the consumer and immersing them in a product or brand’s journey, an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand is forged. This connection and engagement with the brand increases brand exposure and recall, leading to an increase in revenue.

    The overwhelmingly positive response from such trends has seen businesses incorporating experiential retail into their offline business strategy. And since retailtainment puts the consumer experience first, it has changed the way offline marketing operates.

    The Future of Retail

    With new businesses being established by the minute, the market is saturated with product offerings. However, curating a personalised and holistic experience humanises a brand and breaks the clutter, making consumers feel prioritised. In an increasingly competitive environment, this prioritisation of customer services and experiences is the future of retail.

    Going forward, malls and shopping centres will have to carefully choose the brands to whom they allot floorspace. The right brand mix would cover a range of fashion, entertainment and F&B outlets along with product showrooms and department and speciality stores. The modern consumer will be in search of a unique shopping experience.

    Introducing the New Face of Experiential Retail, GMR Interchange!

    GMR Interchange is a one-stop retail destination in Hyderabad that is setting a new benchmark in experiential retail. It is a part of India’s largest greenfield aerotropolis, GMR AeroCity Hyderabad, and is located in the vicinity of Hyderabad International Airport. Offering retail space for lease and multi-modal connectivity, GMR Interchange is set to be a retail hotspot with a melange of shopping, entertainment, restaurants and year-round concerts and events.

    The magnificent open-to-sky architecture, exceptional 6-11 meters in-store height and vast carpet area will enable retail players to independently orchestrate the perfect consumer experience. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape and lush green cover, GMR Interchange will be a vibrant and novel affair.

    The high-street retail experience will come to Hyderabad with renowned international anchor stores. Along with premium shopping, Interchange will also host India’s first family entertainment centre and an impressive 11-screen cinema. A multi-cuisine food court, cafés, gourmet dining and a brewery with open-air seating are just some of the options that will form the F&B mix of GMR Interchange. Ample surface parking space and smart traffic management will ensure a seamless experience for shoppers from start to finish.

    GMR Interchange, a sought-after retail destination in Hyderabad, will offer the informed consumer a holistic shopping experience that ties together the individual experiences offered by different brands.

    With experiential retail at its core, GMR Interchange is truly the next step in retailtainment.

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