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    Hyderabad, get ready for an iconic WinterTainment!

    Oct 17, 2023
    Discover the winterland in Hyderabad
    Hyderabad, the bustling capital city of the Indian state of Telangana, takes on a magical charm during the winter months. As the scorching summer heat subsides, the city comes alive with a rich blend of winter delicacies, cultural events, a festive spirit and delightful weather that is ideal for some outdoor explorations. Discover the winter landscape of Hyderabad and places to go in this article. Plan a sensational season ahead.

    The coolest getaway of the season

    The winters of Hyderabad and the festive spirit is a perfect reason to indulge in a staycation. An address of luxury like the Novotel offers the extravagance and a great base to explore and experience the city’s magical winter season. Located in the heart of GMR AeroCity Hyderabad, it is at a convenient distance to the hang out places in Hyderabad where you can explore an array of carnivals, monuments and festive events.

    History beckons

    Looking for places to visit in Hyderabad? The cool, crisp air provides the perfect backdrop to immerse oneself in the rich heritage and culture that the old Hyderabad city has to offer. The iconic Charminar, with its stunning architecture, stands as the gateway to a labyrinth of narrow streets, bustling bazaars and centuries-old mosques. The Nizam’s architectural wonders, like the Chowmohallah Palace and Golconda Fort, take on a majestic aura in the winter sun. The city’s numerous parks and gardens, such as the serene Hussain Sagar Lake and the picturesque Ramoji Film City, are perfect for leisurely strolls and outdoor activities. Check out the most popular Hyderabad city attractions this winter.

    The answer to your winter cravings

    The craving for some delicious, comforting food is satisfied by the iconic Hyderabadi dishes available across the city. The aromatic and soul-soothing Irani Chai is a milky, sweet, and spiced concoction best enjoyed in the charming and cozy Irani cafes scattered across the city. The crispy, deep-fried rice and lentil fritters, Punugulu, and the spicy and deep-fried green chili fritters are delightful snacks enjoyed during the winter. Another authentic Hyderabadi dish is Dalcha, a hearty and flavourful stew made with lentils and mutton, served with Bagara khana, a tempered rice dish. For those seeking some North Indian flavours, Sarson ka saag is a dish fondly enjoyed by the locals during the cold season. Novotel and the food court at GMR Business Park also offer some scrumptious multi-cuisine delicacies for its guests.

    Witness the stars, experience the festive spirit

    What’s winters without some fun and entertainment? Hyderabad is known for hosting some of the most spectacular music festivals, carnivals and exciting events during the winter months that also coincide with popular festivals like Diwali, Dussehra and Christmas. GMR Arena’s vast reconfigurable space hosts some of these events that feature a line-up of renowned musicians from various genres, food carnivals and festive markets every year. It is an ideal space to immerse in the city’s rich cultural tapestry.
    So, gear up for a memorable winter in Hyderabad and don’t forget to visit GMR AeroCity Hyderabad for some exclusive, unforgettable experiences.

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